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An Introduction To The Game Of Poker- Let Us Get Familiar With Basics

An Introduction To The Game Of Poker- Let Us Get Familiar With Basics

As we all know Poker is one of the very famous and enjoyable games and played by various people around the world. Whether they play it live or play poker online. It provides an excellent opportunity to spend time with our family and friends. People also believe that as much the number of players more will be fun. Also, many people believe that the winner of this game totally depends on luck. But that is not true. The winning of this game is not depending on luck. Some strategy and game plans are also necessary to win this game.

The basic and most common way to play this game is that the player has 2 cards in their hand and five on the table. The player with the good rank of cards wins the game.

How to Play?

Poker is a great indoor game in the world. It is the simplest form of a card game that is very simple to learn. Although there are some basic rules that you should know in mastering this game. Some personal qualities are also required such as patience, decision-making qualities, concentration and many more. I will guide you with some of the basic rules.


 Royal Flush: All cards of same sequence and suit like A-K-Q-J-10

Straight Flush: 9-8-7-6-5

Four of a Kind: Four Cards of similar suite- A-A-A-8

Full House: Three of similar kid and a pair k-k-k10-10

Flush: Five cards of the same suit Q-8-6-4-3

Straight: Five cards of same sequence for example 2-3-4-5-6

Three of Same Kind: 9-9-9-4-5

Two-Pairs: 6-6-10-10-k

Pair: Two cards of same rank: 2-6-8-A-A

High Card: The Highest Card in Rank: k-J-10-6-3

Rounds of Betting-

The one who distributes the card is known as Dealer. Also, the cards are always starting from his left side. Usually, betting starts from the left side and in the clockwise direction from the dealer. All the hole cards are placed on the table. The player takes action on these betting his turn. The round of betting is called complete when all players make their bets of equal amounts. Also, player cam makes the following moves in-game.

Call: To match the big blind

Fold or Drop: Throwing of cards to leave the pot

Raise: Increase the amount of bet

Blinds: There are two types of blind in poker small blind and big blind.. The big blind is independent and small bind is fixing-up by the player who has to start. Usually the ratio of small blind and big blind is 1:2. Click here

ANTE: This is a force bet in which all the player should put similar bet.

An Introduction To The Game Of Poker- Let Us Get Familiar With Basics

Also, there are various kinds of betting styles and various game formats available to choose from. It includes no limit, pot limit, limit, Texas Hold’em. Some particular format is also available to play in a community. The main motive is to enjoy the game.

I hope the article has given you a basic idea of playing for those who are new at poker. You can also join and start playing this game and enjoy.